Partners and roles

National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA), Area of Energy

Development of hybrid power systems, using COTS components and prototypes. Integration in an UGV. Evaluation of unmanned vehicles.

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Robotics Group, Autonomous Systems Lab, Data61

Development of two autonomous vehicles (an AUV and an UGV) based on existing platforms. Integration of hybrid power systems. Evaluation of unmanned vehicles.

University of Seville, System Engineering and Automation Department

Development of advanced control algorithms and their implementation to optimize the operation of the hybrid power systems in robotic platforms.

End Users

End users will play an essential role to achieve a successful implementation of the project.

The proposed technical solutions will be applicable only if they satisfy the requirements and needs of the potential users.

The role of end users in the exploitation of the results of the project would be:

  • Direct use of the involved technologies, through the development (e.g. in new R&D projects) or acquisition of new platforms using these technologies.
  • Collaborate in the communication and dissemination activities, helping to identify industrial partners and other final users potentially interested in the project’s results. considered applications.

State Department for Agriculture and Fisheries (QAF), Queensland, Australia

Biodiversity and Ecology of Marine Invertebrates Team of the University of Seville (BEMI-US), Spain